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September 2013

Ned Kelly was a notorious bushranger outlaw who wore a home-made suit of armour, fought the police and was hanged for murder in the late 1800s. He is an iconic figure in Australian history, folklore, literature, art and film; here his story is celebrated with sculpture and paintings by both internationally renowned and emerging artists - Sidney Nolan, Adam Cullen, Camie Lyons, Joanna Logue and Melanie McCollin-Walker. Loaded is the first Ned Kelly exhibition in Singapore; this context enables further exploration of global themes such as migration, hardship and national identity.

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Susie Pitjara Hunter

Camie Lyons - Ned Kelly


June 2013

Following on from his recent successes at Hong Kong and Singapore art fairs, Australasian Arts Projects in conjunction with Art Equity present Danish artist Morten Lassen's first Singapore exhibition.

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Susie Pitjara Hunter

Morten Lassen


March 2013

Coming together in a six week exhibition celebrating International Women's Day, Grounded includes paintings, prints and sculptures by four young female artists - Belinda Fox, Camie Lyons, Melinda Schawel and Melanie McCollin-Walker. Grounded is an exercise in the most fundamental right of women - freedom of expression - and is celebrated here in all its eclectic glory. Two Australian female gallerists, Gabrielle Cummins and Anna Layard, collaborate here in celebration of IWD.

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Susie Pitjara Hunter

Melanie McCollin-Walker


2 JULY – 31 AUGUST 2012
8.30am-4.30pm weekdays (except public holidays)

Exhibition venue
Australian High Commission, 25 Napier Road, Singapore

Further information, high res pics:
Contact Gabrielle Cummins, Australasian Arts Projects,
ph +65 9771 8974

Exhibition information

NAIDOC is a celebration of Indigenous Australian culture and an opportunity to recognize the achievements of its now internationally renowned artistic communites.

NAIDOC logoThe 2012 Belongings exhibition in Singapore showcases a unique curation of paintings and sculptures from two cornerstones of the modern Indigenous art movement the western and eastern desert. Whilst the two regions have distinct artistic traditions, there are fascinating family, iconographic and historic similarities and parallels to explore. In this rich context, art for this exhibition highlights the importance of belonging belonging to the land, to family, to the past, to the future all paramount to cultural revival and survival. Artworks have come from several sources, including the dynamic new Papunya Tjupi arts centre which has never before exhibited in Singapore; and showcases many styles and stories, emerging and established artists. An exciting addition to the art exhibition is a short film to be launched on opening night which was especially commissioned for the Belongings exhibition in Singapore - a collaboration between Australasian Arts Projects and Singapore-based Kiznet Project Productions.

Susie Pitjara Hunter

Emily Pwerle 'Awelye - Atnwengerrp', 132cm x 142cm

Camie Lyons and Melanie McCollin-Walker

24 MAY - 26 MAY 2012

In conjunction with the China Collection and Benchmark Wines.

Meet the Artists
Thursday 24 May at 7.30 pm
Friday 25 May from 6pm

Thursday 24 and Friday 25 May, 10am-9pm
Saturday 26th May, 10am-4pm
Or by appointment

Exhibition information

Dramatic bronze sculptures and bold line drawings by Camie Lyons, accompanied by a boutique collection of much anticipated new paintings by Melanie McCollin-Walker. All in conjunction with a special Qing Dynasty selection of antique furniture from China Collection.

Exhibiting for the first time in Singapore, internationally acclaimed Lyons' background in dance equips her with a keen sense of balance and movement which is captured in her art. She joins McCollin-Walker, whose new paintings add another dimension to the immense talent exhibited at her inaugural 2011 exhibition, Before the Beginning.

Lyons' and McCollin-Walker's artworks, remarkable in their own right, are deeply resonant when exhibited together. Just this Moment is a synergy of the elemental, experimental, extraordinary; a surprising symphony of important ideas about memory and perception.

For Just This Moment I am...Vanquished

Melanie McCollin-Walker, Vanquished, 2012, 65cm x 70cm

Camie Lyons 'Drawing in the Morning Dew', 2010, 60.5 x 68 x 39cm

Camie Lyons 'Drawing in the Morning Dew', 2010, 60.5 x 68 x 39cm


Lloyd Kwilla and Claude Carter - Contemporary art of the Kimberley

Official launch: Tuesday 18 October at 7.30pm
Free public event: Curator's Exhibition Floor Talk with Susan McCulloch OAM, Wednesday 19 October, 10.30am - 11.30am
Exhibition hours:
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 3pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm
Or by appointment

Exhibition information

Australasian Arts Projects, McCulloch & McCulloch and Red Rock Art are delighted to present the inaugural Singapore exhibition of Lloyd Kwilla and Claude Carter. A showcase exhibition of 30 subtly crafted paintings in pure ochre by two of the brightest young contemporary artists of the renowned artistic Kimberley region in north Western Australia. Heirs to the Kimberley painting tradition, Lloyd Kwilla and Claude Carter are prodigious artistic talents and inspiring community leaders. Both artists have held successful exhibitions over Australia, and Lloyd Kwilla in London.

Australasian Arts Projects in partnership with AustCham proudly presents a programme of public events with Australia's leading art publisher, writer and curator Susan McCulloch OAM. Her visit is a rare opportunity for the public in Singapore to learn more about the Kimberley's unique Indigenous art and culture.

Lloyd Kwilla, Jumuwarnti - Many Waterholes, 2011, Kimberley ochre and pigment on canvas, 180 x 150cm

Lloyd Kwilla, Jumuwarnti - Many Waterholes, 2011, 180 x 150cm

Claude Carter, Limestone Hills at Goonboorooru, 2011, Kimberley ochre and pigment on canvas, 180 x 150cm

Claude Carter, Limestone Hills at Goonboorooru, 2011, 180 x 150cm


Contact Gabrielle at AAP to arrange a viewing

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Over 40 iconic works from indigenous artists of the central, eastern and western desert regions of Australia. Highly collectable contemporary pieces showcasing legendary desert themes, artists, paintings and sculptures. Highlights include works by the 2010 Telstra Awards finalist Lucky Kngwarrey Morton, Susan Pitjara Hunter, the Ngala sisters Angeline, Kathleen and Polly, Gloria Petyarre, Lily Kelly Napangardi, Patrick Tjungurrayi, and a large, rare collaborative painting by Tjapaltjarri brothers Warlimpirrnga, Walala and Thomas.

Betty Club Mbitjana, Awelye & Bush Melon, 178 x 36cm, detail

Betty Club Mbitjana, Awelye & Bush Melon, 178 x 36cm, detail

Melanie McCollin-Walker


Exhibition information

Singapore-based Melanie McCollin-Walker’s inaugural exhibition is set to launch this inspiring artist onto the world stage. A collection of over 40 breathtaking paintings, Before the Beginning is a series of vivid abstract landscapes capturing experiences of intense emotion and vast spaces with superb renditions of complex cloudscapes, light on water and radiant skies. At once surprising and shocking, romantic and surreal, ominous and beautiful - yet ultimately, joyful, uplifting and desirable.

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Before the Beginning there was Serendipity

Melanie McCollin-Walker, Serendipity, 2011,120 x 100cm

The art and artists of Utopia

6 MAY - 2 JUNE 2010

The first comprehensive showing in Singapore of Utopian work, showcasing powerful contemporary pieces from established and emerging Aboriginal artists such as Gloria Petyarre, Angeline Pwerle Ngala, Cowboy Louie Pwerle and Glady Kemarre.

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Gloria Petyarre Bush Medicine

Gloria Petyarre, Bush Medicine, 120 x 150 cm